Thursday, February 14, 2008

Once a month entry? :D

salam everyone.if any. :D

hurm..title entry pun dah tau aku memang jarang dh buat entry.last entry was 23rd jan and today is 14th february. hihi.memang once a month entry huh? ;P

nway,yup its valentine day.but im not gonna talk bout it.not my interest pun.hihihi.mcm ayat sedih je.bukan ape,just not the routine to celebrate VDay. :)

its and still im not sleepy.i have 8am class tomorrow.hurm.patutnya aku masuk tido dah...
tapi disebabkan hari ni,i skipped all classes, so i spent the day by ...sleeping all day lonnnnngggg!!
akibatnye, dah tak boleh tido dah sekrg..

why i skipped all classes?
malas + ade problem till aku mals nk bangun and ingt prob tu + i just dont feel like wanna learn anything today. :D

woke up at 2.45pm.mandi dan bersiap2.kemudian lapar.hihi.tau pun lapar.klau aku tak kenal lapar, sure aku tak bangun2 lg.. :D

then i went to myself.for take away.aya said its weird.well aya,its not that i never done it before.byk kali dh makcik oi aku sorang2 kluar..

balik bilik and waited until 5.30pm and fetched aya and fana from their PIL test.(oh! its Public International Law).balik bilik..

then 8.45pm,had dinner with aya and fana again..we chit chat for awhile, then i went to their room.chit chat again.and again.and again.

sambil2 tu aya buat homework khat dia..aku ngn fana tgk jer..hehe.sory la not that creative though im a lefty. :)
at the end fana gak yg tolong kau. and still aku pandang2 sipi gitu. :D
sambil2 tu kitorang chit chat lagi.ya ya ya i know.we love gossiping. so what?

went back to my room roughly 11.50pm.had some discussion with disya and now im blogging and disya is watching ugly betty.


and the answer is.NOW.IM GOING TO SLEEP. :D
ngantuk the abovementioned is my routine for today. ESOK? tak tau la.we wait and see.
just normal mcm biasa jgk agaknya.pegi class balik class.hurm..BOSAN.BOSAN.

dah.dah.dah.nak tido ni.
till we meet again..when?next month?hahahahaha.

nite everyone.

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