Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i dreamed a dream

this lady really reminds me of what my mama always taught us.
that you can never judge a book by its cover.
that inner side of a person is so much important than the outside look.

i was called big bird back when i was in my secondary.
since form 1 until form 5.
can u imagine that? hehehe.
people would remember me like this 'oh.which wanie?' 'ala,wanie big bird tuh'.
i was and still a chubby girl in secondary school.but the nickname was given not because of my size but because of my eye lashes like the big bird in sesame street.
thats where i got my nickname.

in fact i was called big bird until now.hee.
when i was in form 1, i complained to my mother that people at school been calling me with names.
and she asked me what kind of name.and so i told her bout the big bird.
and i cried in front of her.i remembered it was dinner time.
and instead of consoling me, she was mad at me for crying over that matter.
she said,'why should u cry? u should held your head up high and tell them that YES.I AM THE BIG BIRD BUT! WITH A BIG BRAIN'.

wow.i was was SO motivated that fact until now.thats what keep me going i guess.
and now,i dont mind people calling me big bird. :D
at least,at some point,though not that good, i am A BIG BIRD WITH A BIG BRAIN.hee.

so, how its related to the video above?
senang je.never let anyone pull you down.
coz u can do it.

my final exam result was out yesterday.cpc paper scares me until i looked at my result yesterday.
i was a bit shocked.and grateful at the same time.
it was not as good as others.but it was the best for me.
despite what i had gone thru last sem,it was all worth it.

i was so happy and yet i was sad.
sad because i could not share this with mama.
sad because i keep on question myself why didnt i performed like this when she was stil alive.
BUT. i know i cant have grateful for what HE has given to us.
sangaat2 bersyukur.

at the same time,i realy hope that i will keep on performing like this for the next sem.even better.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

biasa2 aje

sudah lama saya tidak update blog ku ini.
exam dah lepas.
currently im at home.
busy jadi surirumah.
tapi tak la busy sangat.
not much update.
later la h kay. ;)