Saturday, September 20, 2008

buka puasa with mint's friends at Flaming Steambot,Sunway..

13 september 2008

its saturday..aku kat rumah..tapi min ajak teman dia pegi reunion buka puasa kat flaming steambot..we went there with farid and tipah..ingat tak ramai..rupanya dekat 30 orang ok!

giler ramai..we arrived quite late sbb parking tade..but wel eft quite late jugak..around 10.30 baru gerak..hehe..buaka puasa aku yang paling lama..

mint and her friends decided to go for karaoke..but because we brought along farid and tipah, we had to sent them home 1st..

dari sunway to klang.then we gathered at dataran merdeka with others.guess how many cars?10.10 ok.giler ramai..

then we headed to this karaoke place suggested by kuman,mint's friend.we got there around 11.30..

we left the place around 3.30 after that sume org disperse..but ade kawan2 min yg followed we dropped by Mcd for was a long night.yet it was fun.

below are the pictures..malas nk buat caption..hehehe..

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