Tuesday, December 2, 2008

im in the twilight of edward cullen...

i know some people might say im crazy,over-reacted and what not.but i just couldnt be bothered!!! haha..
i just came back from movie..i guess u guys probably have the idea which movie i watched.
ya.none other than TWILIGHT!
watched it with mint,kro,emi and farid.
GOD!theres no word to describe how great the movie was..
far far far far much better than BLOOD and CHOCOLATE.
farid was sitting next to me.i bet hes shocked seeing me reacted that way when edward came out.haha.
it was more to love story i would say.
how a vampire could love a human.the irresistable of love.
this movie convinced you that the phrase 'i would do anything for my love.just anything' does exists. hihihihi.
i couldnt stop smiling while watching the movie.
hehe.even the rest was erm..shocked?no.erm..amused?erm..no.surprised?erm..no.argh! cant describe it.they were kinda surprised i guess seeing me reacted that way.haha.
i think im in love with edward cullen! haha. i already fall in love with him before i even watched the movie.

to mint,kro,farid & emi : pls dont have any bad impression on me.u know,based on my reactions during the movie.heee..~its just..edward is too cute,handsome,romantic and all.(haha.i sounds so gatal am i? :D) thank you for your company...

to fana,aya,disya and my friends : lets watch the movie together! i dont mind to watch it over and over again.hee.in fact im planning to buy the books itself.hikhik.habislah.aku dah kemaruk edward ni.haha.

i know this is certainly not a review about the movie but seriously, u need to watch it by yourself and u will understand why i cant review the movie.its a great one till i cant even write about it.haha.crazy i know. :D
please please please go and watch the movie for those who havent.its a great one.not only because of edward but the movie itself.all the places in that movies were so fantastic.how i wished i could be in one of those places.seriously.ciptaan tuhan.

so friends,bear with my craziness towards edward cullen and twilight for..i dunno.till i forget bout it i guess.hehe.
but please go and watch the movie.and oh.ITS A LOVE STORY.more to it.so those who hate that kind of story,u can just ignore my entry this time around. ;)

in the meantime....its all about EDWARD CULLEN..and TWILIGHT of course.hiks.

im in the twilight of edward cullen. ;)

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