Tuesday, June 16, 2009

should i even dream bout it?

ok ok dokay..

salam everyone..

im back blogging.hee.

well,ni sebenarnyer tak boleh tidur..

im thinking of something.

that is...


i know i know i know..

some may said,that u had heard bout it ages ago.but nothings changed.


i cant even look myself in the mirror..

not that i hate what Allah has created, but its just what i had done to it,damaging my body and still i did nothing so far to even cure or heal it.

i need to do something.im 24.i wanna look like 24.or even younger.


i hope. hee.

i need to do it by myself.

how am i gonna do it?

ntah.no idea so far.

but right now,one thing for sure,i wanna look like her.

who's 'her'?

from this to

this.can ah? heee

some people may say,alahai berangan la wanie ni.

i couldnt care less.

from tomorrow onwards,im going to do something or anything,so i can be like her.or at least be 10% out of her.hahaha.crazy me?

well,a challenge to myself.seriously.

i need to fix something.

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