Friday, March 26, 2010

just another nite which i cant sleep! so here we go!

wow! sangat-sangat lama taupdate blog ni.
bukan setakat bersawang dah ni,ni dah tahap lalang naik tinggi dah.huhu

nak kata busy,orang lain pun busy jugak kan? :)
nak kata malas,erm..itu mungkin. :D
nak kata mengelak untuk berbicara mengenai nya juga berkemungkinan. :)

life has been really far.alhamdulillah.takde la masalah yg major sampai tak terhandle.
kerja pun ok walaupun dah masuk dekat 4 bulan,masih lagi dalam mood yg nak adapt dgn environment.mengada-ngada i know. ;)

my angels,ena and yin.though ade skit masalah,its not something that we cannot fix.time will decide.

friendship.erm.this one really got tested.
tapi kata hati menguatkan semangat.
we need to know who or what is our priority.
we need to open up our eyes to see who is actually having our back whenever we are about to fall.
sometimes we thought that they were there,they got our back.
but unfortunately,its just shadow of them.its your mind that wants them to be there.
but in reality,it can be someone else.

thats why u need to open up your heart and eyes.
so that you would not lost those who actually there for you.

and another lesson,dont take things too seriously! a note for myself. =)
i need to cheer up and look forward!
awaits for what will happen in future..
isnt that much for fun than spending too much time grieving for what had happen in the past or even hoping something would changed but u did nothing to make that changes?
im being too positive i know.

but i need to be. :)

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