Tuesday, April 22, 2008


my very first post during attachment. ;)

hari ni masuk hari ke-7 aku berattachment..

how was it so far?i went well..i hope so.

LAP ni in some ways,i thought me a lot.

among others:
1.to be patient.

2.to smile MORE and MORE. :D (see im smiling :D)

3.to apprecciate people around me.because when they are not around,it kills me.

4.even when u thought that u are doing well,u are actually not.how so?do the attachment and u will know.:D

5.tak tau nk tulis ape dah... :D

but seriously,it really thought me alot la..like i dunno how to describe it.and i think,im learning to get to know myself better.to understand more bout myself before i could understand others.

and just like yesterday,still its not my day today.. :(
being emo?i dont think so.

i am just telling u of what i felt.
aiyok!!!!! what am i talking about ni!!!!
fana!! :D


catch u later la..nak buat keja.

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mysteriousFana said...

sabar ye??
i tau u're tough to face it!!
so,cool ya!!
hehehe..ko ni netol2 rindu aku ek?hikz..