Wednesday, April 23, 2008

its soooooooooo MY DAY! :D

its 5.50pm..and in 10 mins i`ll be leaving the office! yeay! ;D

nway,hari ni kt office best lar.. i get to do so many things..dari yang kecik2 sampai la ke benda yg really related to my future profession..

morning mmg tak byk keja sangat..i just searched for files. then, nk dekat tghari,en.ahmad,one of my master,dh masuk office,jadi keja pun melambak..which is good! i like! ;)

started with cases involving financial facilities.continued with auction case and ended with sale and purchase agreement...oh my! today's lessons are great!

benda2 kecik plak mostly macam guna type writer.i know for some people,they might question me back 'is that what u do during ur attachment?!!'

and my reply is..helllllllloooooooo!!!klau ko tak reti pakai typewriter is even worse ok..takkan nk bergantung kt admin staff yes,i learnt on how to use the typewriter..

and i did write letters..walaupun dah ade template..still its a good experience..biarla ape org nk kata.. :D

my master asked us whether we want to continue or least to complete one month la..sbb attachment ni sebenarnya 3 minggu je..

the offer sounds really good! im looking forward actually..banyak benda yg aku boleh blajar lagi..atun and zara maybe tak dapat because they need to do their short sem..

im thinking la..
i wanted to take the offer..
tapi tadi en ahmad mcm cakap sekali je..
should i remind him of what he said tadi ke yek?
ermm...(thinking2..) :D

we'll see la yeh..i will u know the result..
catch u later..nak balik dah nie.. ;)

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